We believe in doing what we can to keep plastic out of our oceans, so we take extra steps in our manufacturing and shipping practices to avoid it. 

recycled fabrics
All of our suits are made from fabrics manufactured using recycled plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets that might otherwise end up in our waterways. Click here to read more about why regenerated nylon is the future of the swimsuit industry.
ethical manufacturing

We have partnered with a manufacturer who pays workers above minimum wage (with full health benefits), offers professional development courses for the women in the community, and donates an additional 10 cents to the ROLE (Rivers, Oceans, Lands, Ecology) Foundation for every bikini we order.

plastic-free shipping
We ship our suits in compostable packaging, and they never come in contact with single-use plastic. The last thing we would ever want to see is any of our packaging washed up on a beach somewhere. We use mailers made out of corn that will break down in a compost bin in 3-4 months or decompose in a landfill in 15-18 months.
earth tax 
Despite our best efforts, it is impossible to manufacture anything without some impact on the planet. Because of this, we have joined companies like Patagonia in pledging to donate a portion of all sales to an environmental organization that is working to clean up our oceans. Read more about the 1% for the Planet movement here.